Interaction time

Finally! Time to put the release party hat on!

It’s been a year since my latest release. Back then, me and a couple of Plonk fellows did some remixes of ‘Electro Life’. That was the first time ever someone else went berserk on a track of mine. And I assure you – that feeling when you first get to hear the results is nothing but heartwarming and downright super-exciting! Many thanks to Sector One and Maschine Brennt! Awesome work!

It’s all about labor of love. On 29APR, I will release ‘Interaktion’, an EP containing four tracks. They are all (sort of!) on an ‘interaction’ theme, although I wouldn’t say it’s some sort of concept album. (Of course it isn’t since it’s an EP!). I have just directed my thoughts towards the many ways people interact.

For instance, the track ‘Elements’ is about a future where we actually use technology in a way that allows us to live in a world without greed, hunger, jealousy or gluttony. The ‘robots’ mentioned are supposed to be a metaphor for doing meaningful things with the time we have.

Surely I hope for a few online sales but feel free to check out the ‘Elements’ video for free! For those who fancy it, the EP will be available on all major (digital) online stores on the beforementioned date.


The elements – humans, robots and machines.

By the way, why spell ‘Interaktion’ with a ‘k’? Because this time I felt even more expressive using the German language on a couple of tracks. And I guess you all know about my faiblesse for that Düsseldorf quartet…

When I post this, the EP might already be published at Bandcamp, a few hours early.

Now, time to get working on the next project. I am happy to say, this time it won’t take a year!