Unisonlab’s Little World Of Modular

It’s done. I started out with a couple of Moog Mother-32s last year to see if modular synthesis was something for me. And guess what? It sure was. A couple of months ago a guy was selling a complete, medium-sized Doepfer-based system with a few twists. So I sold some of my seldom-used gear, bought the stuff, added an Abstract Data Octocontroller (for unlimited triggering and randomness) and put it all together. And oh, is it rewarding!


Presently I’m just experimenting and recording snippets and one-shot percussion sounds for my next project but it feels like the modular synthesized beats will feature more and more in Unisonlab tracks.

I’m hooked.


Oönskat innehåll och andra konstigheter?

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Kära läsare! / Dear followers and readers!

Jag har idag blivit varse att minst en handfull läsare drabbats av att länkar, automatiskt delade till Facebook, till mina inlägg på denna blogg omdirigeras till bl.a. App Store. Anledningen är just nu okänd. Att det dessutom kan förekomma reklam är inget jag kan göra något åt, men om det skulle röra sig om pornografiskt eller på annat sätt stötande material, som inte uppenbart tillhör unisonlab, så vore jag tacksam om detta meddelas mig. Skicka då ett mejl till unisonlabsounds@gmail.com och beskriv problemet.

I am now aware that a few readers and followers experience problems when clicking links from Facebook to this blog (unisonlab). It seems that, when trying to read a post, the reader is automatically redirected till App Store. The reason for this is currently not known. On top of that, ads containing links to adult material have also been found. I kindly ask any reader having these issues to report back via e-mail. Send a mail to unisonlabsounds@gmail.com to enable me to get a clearer picture.

Tack på förhand! / Thank you!