Inpirational Squad

These are the good guys. They always obey orders and they always support my ideas. They are always in sync and they love making a lot of weird sound.


The Volca palette.

The bad guys, on the other hand, are ‘the Lack of Time’, ‘the Need for Sleep’ and worst of all ‘the Risk of Just Fooling Around’.


Unisonlab’s Little World Of Modular

It’s done. I started out with a couple of Moog Mother-32s last year to see if modular synthesis was something for me. And guess what? It sure was. A couple of months ago a guy was selling a complete, medium-sized Doepfer-based system with a few twists. So I sold some of my seldom-used gear, bought the stuff, added an Abstract Data Octocontroller (for unlimited triggering and randomness) and put it all together. And oh, is it rewarding!


Presently I’m just experimenting and recording snippets and one-shot percussion sounds for my next project but it feels like the modular synthesized beats will feature more and more in Unisonlab tracks.

I’m hooked.